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New TV Technology

February 9, 2022

There's a new TV tech on the horizon, and it promises incredible picture quality and even more incredible sizes. You can buy one right now if you've got deep pockets. It's called MicroLED, and it combines the best features of the current TV technologies into something new -- and huge. Using millions of tiny individually addressable LEDs, MicroLED promises to rival the picture quality of OLED, the current champion, but with better brightness and lower chance of burn-in.

LG is the latest company to announce MicroLED displays, with their DVLED wall-size TVs, some of which cost over $1,000,000. Samsung has shown MicroLED prototypes at CES for the last few years, ranging in size between 75 and 292 inches, and this year started selling a $156,000, 110-inch model that could display four 55-inch HD images at the same time. Sony has its own version of MicroLED, called Crystal LED, that's currently only for the commercial market, but allows for massive wall-sized screens.