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2020 Digital Signage Future Trends Report

April 1, 2021

Every year, Digital Signage Today takes a look inside the crystal ball to see what lies ahead for the technology. The predictions are not backed up by magic but rather by real end users and expert vendors in the field.

This year, the2020 Digital Signage Future Trends Report provided a variety of key insights into this ever-changing and growing market. It examines both how end users are using and planning to use digital signage in 2020 and where vendors see the market headed.

One part of the report tackles end user overall usage of digital signage. In order to obtain this information, Digital Signage Today sent out a survey asking users questions such as:

  • How many displays do you use?
  • Do you plan to increase or decrease the amount of displays you use in 2020?
  • Do you use tools such as 3D content, HTML5 content, AI, etc.?
  • What type of hardware do you use?
  • What market are you in?
  • Do you use interactive displays?
  • What is the primary reason to invest in digital signage over the next two years?

Users provided a variety of insights into these questions. For example, ad revenue was listed as the top reason to invest in digital signage over the next two years, followed closely by branding.

Respondents also predict the U.S. will be the top area for digital signage growth in 2020 and retail will benefit the most from digital signage.